Written by Cyndi Dale, Life System Services, Author of 25 Books I was excited the entire drive to Carolyn’s Blessing Ceremony. I knew that something wonderful, marvelous, something new was about to happen. I actually got lost, although I have known the way to Carolyn’s for years. Carolyn’s energy and enthusiasm was contagious, because I could tell that she cared. She wanted only what the Creator wants for me– and she had offered herself up to be a vehicle for that process. The actual ceremony was one of beauty and grace, where sound become love and love, sound. There was a holiness in that room and a sacredness to the ritual. I could feel myself relaxing into the arms of the Most Holy and being washed gently of my fears and resistance– all that stood in the way of accepting the Creator’s blessings. As Carolyn pointed out, we have all left blessings on the table. Why not ask for them? Why not receive them? Since that session I have felt different, in that I feel more like myself. I sense Grace all the way around. And I’m ready to rock and roll on the joyous ride of life. Whoever you are, whatever your background, age, or religious background, there are blessings for you to gather, like flowers to your heart.