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Relationship Transition - Gateways to Brilliance

Written by Karyn

I am transitioning to single life after 25+ years of marriage.  Our paths have changed and shifted, so I was looking for a way to create inner peace and gain clarity.  I heard about Carolyn and her work with The Blessing, a sacred sound ceremony and I set up an appointment to experience her work.

I absolutely loved Carolyn’s Sacred Sound Healing experience called The Blessing!  It was exactly what I needed physically, emotionally and spiritually.  From the moment I arrived, to the moment I left, Carolyn intertwined her intuition, wisdom, and soul to create the space for a healing experience I’ve never encountered before.  We set beautiful intentions for the ceremony, energizing what I needed to release and receive in order to heal.  I loved being wrapped in the sound energy and left with the feeling of renewal and freedom.  The energy Carolyn created continues – and even when I got into my car to drive off from the healing, the radio played “There’s nothing holding me back.”  I laughed, called Carolyn to tell her, and printed out the messages to keep the energy of the healing in the forefront of my mind every day.  Thank you!