Experience Transformational Ceremonies
that Awaken Your Higher Consciousness

The Heart of Gateways to Brilliance


A Gateway allows us to move from one state of consciousness to the next. It allows us to make a choice, are we moving toward something, away from something or into something.

I work with light and invite sacred sound
to be the vibrational guidance system that transports us through gateways to
higher consciousness.


Brilliance is about expressing your most light-filled self and sharing that with the world. It’s a courageous act.

When we accept our brilliance, we awaken our sacred purpose and divine potential. We become radiators of love, grace, peace, joy and beauty.


As a master of energy, light and sound healing. I have spent 20 years creating holy spaces, both inside and out. My transformational ceremonies help you ignite the light within, awaken your inner and outer consciousness, and connect with your divine potential.

As a result, clients become more radiant and confident, attract joy, happiness
and love. They experience profound
self-discovery, stress reduction, improved mindfulness, reduction in energy blocks, expanded spiritual enlightenment
and blessings.

Spiritual Blessing Ceremonies

  • The Blessing, a Sacred Sound Ceremony
  • Activation for Manifesting Divinity, Dreams and Desires Ceremony
  • Activation for the Vagus Nerve for Health, Healing and Wellbeing Ceremony
  • Calling in the Light of Forgiveness Ceremony
  • Gateways to Brilliance Ceremony
  • Holy Holy Holy Attunement
  • Light of Healing Light Ceremony
  • I AM Light Ceremony

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Sound Healing Sessions

  • Sound Health Tune ups for Stress Reduction, Mindfulness and Energy Balancing
  • Ringing in the New Year or Birthday-Anchoring Intentions
  • Setting Intention for Healing-Sacred Sound for Surgery and Post Surgery
  • Hospice Support by sharing soothing, healing and angelic sounds of the crystal singing bowls *Call for Pricing
  • Healing Sounds for End of Life Celebrations *Call for Pricing 

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Feng Shui Consulting

  • Feng Shui for Your Office, Business or Land
  • Feng Shui Home or Office Clearing and Blessing Ceremony
  • New Home Blessing
  • Preparing to Move-Clearing and Calling in New Owners
  • New Office, Business, Wellness Center or Studio Blessing
  • Death of a Loved One-Clearing and Blessing the Home and Family Members

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What Clients Are Saying!

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I was dizzy the entire drive to Carolyn’s Blessing Ceremony. I knew that something wonderful, marvelous, something new was about to happen. I actually got lost, although I have known the way to Carolyn’s for years. Carolyn’s energy and enthusiasm was contagious, because I could tell that she cared. She wanted only what the Creator wants for me– and she had offered herself up to be a vehicle for that process. The actual ceremony was one of beauty and grace, where sound become love and love, sound. There was a holiness in that room and a sacredness to the ritual. I could feel myself relaxing into the arms of the Most Holy and being washed gently of my fears and resistance– all that stood in the way of accepting the Creator’s blessings. As Carolyn pointed out, we have all left blessings on the table. Why not ask for them? Why not receive them? Since that session I have felt different, in that I feel more like myself. I sense Grace all the way around. And I’m ready to rock and roll on the joyous ride of life. Whoever you are, whatever your background, age, or religious background, there are blessings for you to gather, like flowers to your heart.

Cyndi Dale

Author, 25 books, Life Systems Services

My session, Gateways To Brilliance -The Blessing, with Carolyn Vinup was deeply relaxing. As the sound and vibration of her voice, chant, and crystal singing bowls flowed through my body, I felt a sense of releasing and lightness. As the session progressed, I could see light coming in waves tuning and harmonizing me on every level. Several times I had images of geometric shapes and felt a spiraling, tingling sensation. At one point, she guided each hand inside one of her crystal bowls and the palms of my hands felt a warm flow in and out. I thought about the blessings coming in and going out in many areas of my life. After our session, I felt cleared and recalibrated. It was such a gift! I highly recommend this healing sound session with Carolyn.

Michele Rae

Author and Keynote Speaker, Center Within

The Blessing was one of the most sacred ceremonies that I have ever experienced.  From a purely physical standpoint it eradicated my stress and I was washed with love and light.  From a spiritual standpoint, concepts of “God” and “Light” were transformed to “Being”.

Carolyn Vinup’s “Blessing” gently and lovingly escorts you to heaven and brings you back having a new definition of “Bliss”.

In the days since my experience, I am more grounded, present and aligned with my Source.

Thank you so much Carolyn for this magnificient “Blessing”

Kinshasha Kambui

Health Radio Host

Imagine a time of pure energy flowing through you in complete peace…

A feeling of being special, just because you’re you.  An exercise in moving into a receiving state that feels so graceful and fluid, that you find yourself there before you even realize it.

For many of us (maybe it’s a Minnesota thing?) the act of receiving is a challenge.  It’s true, we often feel some stress around the act of simply receiving — a compliment, a gift, praise, that last brownie, whatever — without thinking all the way through the act, “how do I repay this? Or better, how do I give MORE than I’m receiving?”


Cindy Locher

Change Works Hypnosis Center

Interested in hearing more about clients inspiring experiences with Carolyn Vinup. Click the link below.