About Carolyn Vinup

Sacred Sound Practitioner and Feng Shui Consultant

A Message from Carolyn

I love to work with Sacred Sound and create sacred spaces where your soul can dance. My work is about
love and light and washing away energy debris that holds you back from being and expressing your most
brilliant light-filled self. I am passionate about cultivating conscious environments, both inner and outer,
through my work as a certified Feng Shui and Sacred Sound Consultant. My workshops are interactive,
powerful, meaningful and transformational. – Carolyn

More Insight into Carolyn

Carolyn works as a Wellness Professional integrating various modalities utilizing a mind-body-spirit approach to health, wellness and vitality.

She draws upon many energy healing traditions. Some of the modalities she may include in a session are Sacred Sound Healing, Feng Shui, Space Clearing & Blessing Techniques, Qigong, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Stress Reduction Exercises, Breathing Techniques, Meditation, and Color Therapy.

Transformational opportunities are central to her goal in working with her clients. For some of the energy modalities Carolyn may place her hand on your fully clothed body and work with the subtle energy system within you and around you. Numerous well-documented studies have shown that the reception of this energy can assist in the release of stress, both physical, emotional and spiritual. Carolyn’s approach is spiritual, not religious. She honors and respects your beliefs and your vision for wholeness and wellness.

The most important healer in your life is you. You will work together with Carolyn as equal partners. She will encourage you to be your own advocate.


Memberships & Associations

  • Spring Forest Qigong Institute Board Member
  • Associational of Transformational Leaders Board Member
  • Feng Shui Institute of the Midwest
  • Sound Healers Association


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