Sacred Sound Therapy Area

The Sacred Sound Studio is warm, beautiful and inviting.Your senses will be awakened as you are surrounded with the vibrational energy of sacred sound.

I AM DIVINE LOVE - A Sacred Heart Ceremony Workshop

An interactive workshop where you will connect deeper to the universal energy of Divine Love.  Heart centered meditation and activation, intention, chanting, sacred sound ceremony, and group activities.

Feng Shui Blessings

In the Chinese culture eggs symbolize birth or a new start. The color red means prosperity and good fortune making this a great ceremony to welcome in the new year.

What Clients Are Saying!

The Blessing was one of the most sacred ceremonies that I have ever experienced.  From a purely physical standpoint it eradicated my stress and I was washed with love and light.  From a spiritual standpoint, concepts of “God” and “Light” were transformed to “Being”.

Carolyn Vinup’s “Blessing” gently and lovingly escorts you to heaven and brings you back having a new definition of “Bliss”.

In the days since my experience, I am more grounded, present and aligned with my Source.

Thank you so much Carolyn for this magnificient “Blessing”

Kinshasha Kambui

Health Radio Host

The best way I can describe my experience is at some point during your blessing, and based on what you we described at the end, is when you were calling in the energy of creation, I felt like I traveled to the stars.  I felt myself flying and looking out into a vast oasis of stars, and then they seemed to not be stars but more “orderly” points of light and some of them had lines of light connecting the points, and I remember thinking to myself that this is the clearest I have ever seen the grid or matrix of light.  It seemed almost like it emerged out of the stars or melded with the stars.  It was beautiful.  And in the earth wisdom teachings that I carry, the sun and stars are the life force/creation energy, so it felt so perfect that is where I went during that part of the blessing.


November 2016

“Carolyn’s sacred sound session became an experience that delicately picked up my soul and cradled me with the music singing from her crystal bowls.  It’s as though my brain was led forward with each tone that sounded to a place of the deepest of peace and grace.  My heart was filled with all the vibrations from the music of the crystal singing bowls and I felt as though a spark was gently lit inside me that resonated out to every part of my body – everything pulsing to one marvelous melody created uniquely for me by her playing.  I was immersed in a divine embrace.”


November 2016

I had no idea I would be doing Forgiveness work during The Blessing. My father passed away many years ago and several individuals showed up during the session. I am grateful for the opportunity to heal those relationships and step into deeper understanding. I felt very safe during “The Blessing”, peaceful, contentment, deep love, oneness consciousness. I also wanted to share that I saw a Chalice which represented infinite consciousness, creation and vibration…..and I felt very moved by the Holiness of the experience. I am Love.May you be Forever Blessed!.


December 2016

Carolyn I felt such peace. I haven’t been that relaxed and rested in years. I have been battling cancer for the past several years and most days my teeth and fists are clenched. After the The Blessing session I felt like rubber, it was so wonderful. I have a doctor appointment with my oncologist tomorrow because they found a spot in my brain. I know that no matter what the results, I am calm and know that all is well. I so enjoyed our time together and talking with you before the session and after provided such comfort. I printed the angel card- TRUST and am carrying it with me every day. It was the one of the highlights of my holiday season and a day I will remember forever. Many blessings to you.


January 2017

A very special and transformative experience in a lovely space in deed. It’s hard to describe but it’s something like being in a tree house…rooted and elevated at the same time. You owe it to yourself.

Elli Ansari

September 2017